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Successful companies know they can’t continue to grow in a vacuum and they can’t ignore the ever-changing eCommerce environment. That’s why they hire strategic consultants to help them identify areas for growth or improvement.

It’s no different with the Amazon Marketplace.

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Hiring an expert who’s been in the trenches at Amazon can help you see new opportunities for sales, and keep your business focused on the right objectives.

Peter Kearns knows how Amazon works and stays up-to-date on the latest marketplace and eCommerce trends. He can steer you and your business in the right direction so you can easily achieve your goals. 

Strategy Consulting Expertise includes:

Strategic Planning

Brand Strategy, Growth & Innovation

New Product Development & Launches

Sales Strategy

“Peter was an integral part of my successful launch on the Amazon platform. His on boarding and sales experience helped me tremendously and I have since grown my business exponentially as a result. I highly recommend his expertise.“

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Cindy Schiff

CEO and Owner, GreenPaax

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