get reinstated.

account & ASIN suspension

It’s a Seller’s worst nightmare. Amazon has suspended one of your products, or worse, your entire account.

Your Future.

Even one ASIN suspension can damage your business. Lost sales are bad enough. But if you start having multiple ASIN suspensions, Amazon can shut you down entirely.

how peter can help you.

Peter knows how Amazon operates from the inside. He leverages his strong understanding of Amazon’s Leadership Principles to identify the root cause of the problem. Then, he crafts a plan to get your ASIN or account reinstated, so you can get back to the business of selling.

Peter has successfully reinstated more than 90% of his clients.

the process

Here’s how our reinstatement process goes:

step 1


We objectively review your account to determine the reason for the suspension.

step 2


We provide a clear reason for the suspension, and outline the next steps.

step 3

plan of action

We develop a clear reinstatement strategy including operational changes for your business to adopt in order to meet Amazon’s requirements

step 4

appeal letter

We write a concise, clear and compelling appeal that addresses the root cause of the suspension, and outlines the steps you have taken to prevent future complaints in a way Amazon can understand.

step 5


As new information arises, we use our expertise to adapt and overcome any challenges that may develop.

"Peter walked us through our appeal process with the understanding of an Amazon insider. His first-hand knowledge of the culture and philosophy of Amazon was vital to our communications with them. We had a very unique and drawn out appeal. Peter helped us every step of the way without a hesitation. He truly cared about our situation. He's a great guy and great to work with. We could not recommend Peter more."


President, Atlas Retail

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