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Account, Sales, and Catalog Audit

Want your Amazon business to grow and thrive?

Stop managing it with gut instinct. Instead…Start managing it with data.

That’s right. Numbers you can measure and analyze and create strategies around.

detailed analysis.

Every successful business examines their data so they can develop strategies that produce measurable results. It’s the same with Amazon sellers.

Data is only useful when you know how to interpret it and create strategies in line with your goals and objectives.

Detailed Analysis for Peter Kearns Audit
Sales Snapshot in Peter Kearns Amazon Audit

How do we begin?

We start with a deep dive into your sales performance, account health and catalog to uncover underperforming ASINs, sales opportunities and possible policy violations.

The information you receive will help you identify areas of opportunity for growth and change.

the amazon way.

Our Account, Sales & Catalog audit follows the same method Amazon uses to run its business.

We analyze your business with a critical eye that helps you understand the areas that need attention. Then, we suggest your next steps for sales growth and sustainability.

Amazon Way for Amazon Audit by Peter Kearns

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“I love working with Peter! He breaks me out of my bad habits and forces me to think bigger. He is honest and does not hold back when it comes to letting me know I am making a bad decision or taking things in the wrong direction. Peter brings a fresh perspective to my online business of 12 years, which helps me achieve my goals. I would highly recommend him to someone who has been selling online for years or someone just starting out.”

Tim Arnold

Owner, 2BHip

audit process

Step 1 Assessment of Peter Kearns Amazon Audit Process

step 1


We provide a thorough review of your Amazon sales, your account and your catalog, looking for both problems and opportunities.

We help you identify:

High and low performing ASINs in terms of traffic and sales
Sales conversion opportunities
Advertising opportunities
Data qualities opportunities
 Catalog vulnerabilities
 Account health risks
 Listings health risk

Step 2 Explanation of Peter Kearns Amazon Audit Process

step 2


You receive a clear report on underperforming ASINs and possible policy violations.

Step 3 Plan of Action of Peter Kearns Amazon Audit Process

step 3

plan of action

We will develop a clear strategy that works for your organization and meets Amazon’s requirements.

"Peter performed an account audit and was able to identify key problems & opportunities in my Amazon business. Working with Peter has been a pleasure. His level of expertise and knowledge of Amazon has been a tremendous help in growing my business. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable & helpful, but he is also a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services!"

Rachel Gutierrez

Founder & Owner, Bom Dia Brands LLC

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